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With its fast-paced environment and demanding tasks, working in a restaurant can be rewarding and challenging. For many workers, restaurants can be dangerous places. Whether you work in a fast-food setting or a fine dining establishment, contact with commercial kitchens can lead to serious injuries. The risks of injury are also high due to the numerous hazards present in this type of workplace. From slips and falls to burns, cuts, back injuries, or repetitive stress injuries caused by long hours of manual labor or working with computers, restaurant employees face many potential dangers. In addition to these physical risks, workers may also suffer from psychological issues such as anxiety or depression related to their work environment. You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you’re facing any of these injuries or challenges from restaurant work. If you’ve sustained an injury while working at a restaurant, you must seek help immediately. Workers’ compensation is designed to provide financial assistance for medical expenses and lost wages. By filing a claim promptly after an incident occurs, you will put yourself in a better position to receive all the benefits that are rightfully yours under state law. Call today at (866) 400-4450 to schedule an appointment with our experienced Restaurant Employee Injury Attorneys. 

Common Injuries for Restaurant Employees

A restaurant can be a dangerous place for even the most careful employee. Certain injuries are more common than others, and while employers make a diligent effort to provide workers with training and safeguards, injuries can still occur. 

The most common injuries experienced by restaurant employees include: 

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: A common danger in restaurant settings is slips, trips, and falls can occur due to wet surfaces from spills or mopping, poor lighting, uneven flooring surfaces, or cluttered work areas. These types of accidents can cause sprains, fractures, or even contusions. 
  • Burns: Hot surfaces such as stoves and grills can easily lead to burns if a worker is not careful. Additionally, hot liquids like coffee or soup might be spilled on an employee’s skin. Common burn injuries range from first-degree to third-degree, requiring medical attention. 
  • Cuts: Knives and other sharp objects used in restaurant settings can easily cause lacerations if improperly handled. A deep cut could require stitches or surgery to repair the wound. 
  • Back Injuries: Lifting heavy loads, such as bags of food, incorrectly can cause back injuries. These injuries can range from strains to herniated discs and require a period of rest or even surgery to repair the damage. 
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries: Working with computers, cash registers, or other equipment for long periods of time can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. These injuries may require special treatment, such as physical therapy or rest. 

The potential for injuries to occur in restaurant settings is real and, unfortunately, all too common. Employees should seek medical attention if they’ve been injured and report the incident to their employer according to state laws regarding workers’ compensation and job-related injuries. Workers’ compensation provides protection to ensure workers can feel confident that they are protected while on the job.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

When it comes to workers' compensation in California, there are many benefits that an injured employee may be entitled to receive. By understanding their rights under California workers' compensation laws, restaurant employees can protect themselves in case of an unexpected workplace injury or illness. 

Workers’ compensation provides reimbursement of expenses and other benefits, including: 

  • Payment of medical expenses related to the injury or illness, including costs for hospitalization, prescription drugs, and physical therapy 
  • Coverage of lost wages incurred due to time off from work due to an injury or illness 
  • Partial wage replacement if the employee cannot return to their pre-injury job duties as a result of their injury or illness 
  • Death benefits paid out if an employee dies as a result of injuries sustained while on the job 
  • Employers provide vocational rehabilitation services if an employee needs assistance returning to work after suffering from an injury or illness 

Given the risks associated with working in a restaurant setting, employees should familiarize themselves with their workers' compensation rights. Additionally, employees should understand what is required to file a claim in the event of an injury or illness sustained while on the job. 

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Gaines & Gaines are experienced attorneys specializing in workers' compensation claims for restaurant employees. Dedicated to providing injured workers with the financial and medical care they need, our team of experienced lawyers understands the complexities of filing a claim after suffering an injury on the job. We provide personalized legal advice and representation to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with any workers' compensation claim related to a restaurant-related injury or illness. 

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