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No one deserves to be mistreated or discriminated against in the workplace. Sadly, employment discrimination and other incidents of workplace misconduct can be all too common in California. While various legal protections are in place to safeguard the rights of employees with disabilities, this hasn't stopped unethical employers and companies from inflicting harm and jeopardizing the health and well-being of disabled workers, not to mention their economic security.

Fortunately, our Calabasas employment lawyers are here to protect the rights of California employees experiencing discrimination or misconduct at work. As a firm solely representing wronged employees, you can trust our seasoned advocates to advocate on your behalf from start to finish. From overtime law violations to wage and hour claims, our accomplished attorneys have the comprehensive knowledge and specialized experience to hold employers accountable for workplace misconduct. 

Employment disputes can be intimidating, especially against large and powerful employers. Contact us online or by calling (866) 400-4450 to discuss your case with an experienced employment lawyer.

Disability Discrimination Laws in California

If you’re a California employee with a disability, it’s crucial to know your rights in the workplace and exercise them as needed. Our compassionate firm can help you pursue the justice you deserve by guiding your steps wisely and fortifying your claims with sufficient evidence in court, allowing you to focus on what matters most—the right to work in a safe and healthy work environment like any other employee.   

There are various laws in place to protect the rights of disabled workers in the Golden State, including: 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs. This means an employer cannot treat a qualified employee or applicant unfavorably because of their disability and must provide reasonable accommodations.
  • California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA – This state law mirrors the protections of the ADA, but with broader coverage. The FEHA applies to employers with at least five employees and offers additional safeguards to disabled workers to promote fair treatment in the workplace.

Reasonable Accommodations in California Workplaces 

California employers are legally obligated to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees, so long as the accommodation in question doesn’t impose an undue burden on the company as a whole. The ADA defines a “reasonable accommodation” as a modification or adjustment made to enable an employee with a disability to perform the essential functions of their job. 

Under the ADA, employers must engage in an interactive process with the disabled employee to identify and provide reasonable accommodations, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the employer. Common examples of “reasonable” accommodations in the workplace include

  • Providing assistive devices or technology
  • Redistributing non-essential job functions
  • Modifying work schedules to make them more flexible
  • Making existing facilities accessible to individuals with disabilities
  • Granting additional unpaid leave for appointments and related care

Keep in mind that there are legal consequences for employers who violate the ADA or related laws. If disabled workers suspect they’ve been discriminated against in the workplace, it’s imperative to consult with an experienced employment lawyer as soon as possible to avoid life-changing repercussions, such as experiencing a wrongful termination or worsening health as a result of discriminatory misconduct.

Importance of Hiring Experienced Representation 

Experiencing workplace misconduct can be jarring and intimidating. Many employees hesitate to speak out against large and powerful employers who may gaslight or condition employees to stay silent about unethical behavior, and understandably so. For many disabled workers, losing their job is not an option, especially in today’s economic climate. Employment discrimination can take many forms in the workplace, like: 

  • Refusal to hire
  • Wrongful termination 
  • Unwarranted demotions
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodations 
  • Passing up a qualified candidate for a promotion 

Luckily, our lawyers have vast experience dealing with a wide range of employment law disputes, including types of cases and more. With over five decades of experience representing wronged workers in Calabasas and the surrounding areas, we’re well-equipped to prioritize the unique needs of our clients and fight to obtain a favorable outcome on their behalf in court.

Turn to an Employment Firm with 5+ Decades of Experience

Our compassionate advocates at Gaines & Gaines have protected the rights of wronged workers in California for over 50 years. From navigating the pitfalls of sexual harassment to pregnancy discrimination to meal and rest breaks, every employee has the right to a safe and fair working environment. Our skilled attorneys are here to hold California employers accountable for workplace misconduct. With a longstanding track record of success, you can count on us to keep your best interests at heart and fight to obtain the favorable result you deserve in court.

No one deserves to be mistreated in the workplace. Call (866) 400-4450 to request a free consultation with a trusted Calabasas employment lawyer.

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