Legal Protections to California Whistleblowers

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What happens if I act as a whistleblower against my employer? This is a question many individuals may ask themselves, as the fear of termination and retaliation may prevent them from coming forward to raise issues of misconduct in the workplace.

Whistleblowing is when an employee reports illegal, unethical, or fraudulent activities in their work organization. Whistleblowing is a courageous act and should not be stigmatized; it protects the public interest and promotes the accountability of organizations. It is also important to note that whistleblowers are protected by the State of California from employer retaliation.

Several specific protections are in place to protect whistleblowers. These essential protections ensure whistleblowers can freely come forward with the truth.

If an employee experiences retaliation because of whistleblowing actions, they are legally permitted to seek compensation from an employer or company in a court of law.

Blowing the whistle can be daunting, but is often necessary to protect hardworking Californians. Contact Gaines & Gaines today for a free consultation and review of your case.